Sunday, 19 August 2007

Tameside Conservatives Say NO to the Con-charge

Tameside Conservatives have said a resounding 'NO' to the idea of introducing the congestion charge in Greater Manchester.


Plans for the con-charge were unveiled earlier this year, when the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) unveiled its bid proposals for the Labour Government's Transport Innovation Fund (TIF). The TIF bid was a one-off opportunity for a region to secure upto £1.4bn worth of Government funding for local transport, with one key condition - that the succesful region would introduce congestion charging.It was the ultimate blackmail. Having studied the TIF bid in great deal, Tameside Conservatives, and every other Conservative group in Greater Manchester, has withdrawn its support stating that the con-charge is too great a price to pay for the one-off funding.


Labour politicians state there is no viable alternative to the TIF bid and the con-charge. Yes, there is.We are demanding that the Labour Government finally delivers on the promises it has broken over the last ten years. Promises such as: The Metrolink 'Big Bang' expansion - including the extension to Ashton - which would take 5.9m cars off the roads of Greater Manchester; and,Investment in yellow school buses. Just two years ago, a bid for 160 of these successful buses was snubbed by the Labour Government.These two investments alone would dramatically reduce road congestion in Greater Manchester and Tameside - without the need for the con-charge.

To sign the Manchester Toll Tax e-petition against the con-charge please click or go to


Anonymous said...

I hope that the Tories are able to get some momentum out of this, no other fucker seems to be able to represent the views of the majority of the people.

Just to clarify, John Bell can not be the next council leader until the Tories take the majority of Tameside MBC.

Mind you I expect Roy Oldham's head to go in a jar like on Futurerama so he can still rule over Tameside.

Kieran Quinn has cross eyes, can you really trust a man with cross eyes...

John Taylor who is saviour of teh world wont get it as he looks as if he has stuck his head in a George Foreman as a cheap alternative to going on a sun bed. Hopefully Fred West sorry Roy West will kick him out, never mind, JT will have a nice career as a columnist for the Tameside Advertiser. Does he already along with Irene Woodcock? Sometimes the daft bitch makes more sense than him.

Sean Parker-Perry ex ginge who died his hair black to try and make him look more of a "professional" rather than a train conductor/stereotypical labour councillor.

Sorry to ramble on the aesthetics of SPP, but he really is a massive arrogant ginger prick with a very rare cunt whole for a mouth. None of the Labour councillors can stand him. Him and Johnny Reynolds make sexy bum love each night. Bless.

blobby said...

Mr Blobby: Mr West, lets look more at this new nationalism. What is new about racism?
Mr West: "Of course, We are not talking about racism or nazism, New Nationalism looks at the reality in Labour Britain-divided communities lack of opportunity for the young. The fear of crime and violence."
Mr Blobby: All political parties talk about these things?
Mr West: "Yes, But they are not nationalist. These politicians are money grabbing traitors."
Mr Blobby: Mr West, Thank you.
Mr West: Ok.

BNP Official said...

If you have any information on a corrupt Tameside councillor please send to: Po Box 171, Ashton-under-Lyne. Lancs. OL7 9WS.

Anonymous said...


I have never dyed my hair this man is a liar. You are all jealous because you know my father in law, LP, will do what is right by his daughter and I.

PS - I know you! I know you are involved in the save swallow wood campaign - beware!

sean parker-perry said...

I am untouchable don't you know I can fuck anyone i like, I have friends in high places.

Two faced said...

Check out how all the Tories Voted at the council meeting on this issue ,it was anamed vote .

Anonymous said...


Don't forget - I know who you are. Just get over the obsession with me and get on with your own miserable life.

Anonymous said...

So sue me...

Anonymous said...

"Check out how all the Tories Voted at the council meeting on this issue ,it was anamed vote ."

There was some spat with Roy Oldham a few weeks back with the Tories about them being in favor of the C Charge.

The Tories said that they did not want a C Charge, but acknowledged there was a great need for a significant investment in public transport.

Two shags promised it us years back and what has happened since... fuck all.

blobby said...

Mr Blobby: Your objective is to mass leaflet on a constant basis?
Mr West: "Yes, my aim is to bring politics to the people and it is working well in my area."
Mr Blobby: What is the reaction on the streets in your area?
Mr West: "Support seems to be all the way, people fed up of yob crime and local councillors doing hardly nothing to address people's concerns."
Mr Blobby: Are local people in favour of your policies?
Mr West: "Yes, seems to be all the way."
Mr Blobby: Thank you Mr West.
Mr West: "Thank you.'

Anonymous said...


You are jealous and I would sue you if you had anything worthwhile in your life, but you can't take something from someone who has nothing.

truth seeker said...

Is Parker-Perry a criminal ?
Did Lord Pendry get him off ?

Anonymous said...

Truth seeker, if you see some of the early reports it says that SPP was investigated for obstructing police inquiries.

Nothing came of that to court and
there was no mention of him being cleared of it either.

SPP why would I need to be jealous of a silly little ginger toss pot like yourself?

Anonymous said...

Bah it cut off the link... try the one below.

Sean Parker-Perry

Anonymous said...

Is councillor Taylor allowed to give out people's home addresses? to members of the public?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Is councillor Taylor allowed to give out people's home addresses? to members of the public?

No he is not unless you are a councillor or a candidate running for election.

If so you can complain to the standards board and sue his red raw ass.

Bypassed Warrior said...

"I have never dyed my hair this man is a liar."

Yes you have, take a look here


The real SPP said...

You are obviously colour blind as well as stupid and jealous. I am not ginger - get over it and get on with your own sad existence.

Anonymous said...

Ex Para

I never suspected that parker perry had such a colourful past.

Anonymous said...

Sean, there is a group for you and it is called Gingers In Denial.

Anonymous said...

Ginger boy parker-perry said he was going to come round to my house and do horrible things to me.

The Real Slim Shady said...

So will the real Sean Parker-Perry please stand up, please stand up.