Sunday, 12 August 2007

Sometimes only the best is good enough!

A TOWN is splashing out £1.5 MILLION a year to furnish plush flats for asylum seekers, the News of the World can reveal. More than £3,000 a year is spent kitting out each of about 500 flats for newly arrived immigrants — despite severe poverty in the area.
Taxpayers' cash is spent on swanky beds, carpets, fridge-freezers, cookers, microwaves and even ASH TRAYS. The makeovers are part of a scheme to improve living conditions for asylum seekers in Rochdale, Lancs. Faced with more than 500 people a year flooding in from Africa, eastern Europe and Asia, the borough council's Asylum Seeker Support Unit decided to roll out the red carpet. It called in a local furnishing company to help in some of the town's poorest areas. Workers at the Lanebottom Industrial Equitable Pioneers Society, who secured the lucrative contract, were stunned. One whistle-blower said: "We'd furnish about 500 flats a year at least. A minimum of £3,000 was spent on each and it was all good quality stuff. "I turned up on some jobs and the asylum seekers were waiting for us with a list of what they wanted. "I was disgusted. It's one thing giving these people a roof over their head but it's a different matter when you turn it into a palace for them. "When the furniture was being carried in, they were grinning from ear to ear. It was a joke. Dozens of flats ended up being trashed in weeks but the furniture just got replaced. "It's an absolute disgrace that if you're a taxpayer and have worked hard all your life you get no help." Another firm has taken over since Lanebottom folded two months ago, but we have seen documents which reveal the scale of council spending. One asylum seeker we spoke to was very happy with her flat. "They put new carpets in and gave me new furniture, a fridge and a cooker," she said. "I think my friends back home in Ethiopia would like it here too." Rochdale council confirmed it has a Home Office contract to support newly arrived refugees for a short period. It disputed our figures, but refused to discuss confidential details.


tonydj said...

It is not just Rochdale. this is happening all over this land of ours.

If you work for Tameside Council and have similar information, or New Charter and know about what percentage of new lettings are ear-marked for the council then write in confidence to PO Box 171, Ashton under Lyne ,Lancs. OL7 9WS

Anonymous said...

Ex Para

My lads girlfriend works for the council. I will see can she find out if anything like this is happening in Tameside.

ncb1970 said...

When are the English people going to realise that their 'tolerance' is being taken advantage of.
The immigrants perceive the English as a pushover. Can you blame them?

waiting for the fit up. said...

This is what we're talking about, preferential treatment for asylum seekers and immigrants. It gets people's backs up.

new housing development said...

I am bringing in 500 Greeks from Thasos we setting up in Haughton Green we are going to call it little Greek Town. We need lots of second hand plates.

15,000 nhs jobs face the axe said...

Poverty, according to one prominent councillor in Dukinfield-no one struggles to make ends meet anymore. Poverty is a thing of the past, for these greedy councillors maybe.

dark side of the moon said...

This sort of thing has been going on in Batley for a number of years. If you are white and homeless there, they put you in a dump on the other side of Leeds. But we see all these immigrants getting new flats. oh well thats the way thigs are.

mr blobby said...

Mr Blobby has asked for a third short interview with the BNP campaigner Roy West.
Mr Blobby asks: "You are currently delivering thousands of leaflets in your area. What do these leaflets entail?"
Mr West: "These leaflets are designed to attract attention. They are mainly anti-crime leaflets and a new batch of NHS leaflets being delivered at the moment."
Mr Blobby: "Is your life currently taken up with delivering BNP leaflets?"
Mr West: "Well I have to say that it has taken up a lot of my time, yes."
Mr Blobby: "You seem to be a very determined individual Mr West."
Mr West: "Well you know what they say, that victory belongs to the most perservering."
Mr Blobby: "Have you had much feedback form your leaflets Mr West?"
Mr West: "Well yes, I am encouraged by the response and we will see what the future holds."
Mr Blobby: "Once again, thank you very much Mr West."
Mr West: "Thank you very much Mr Blobby."

mr blobby said...

Mr Blobby is back to ask the questions.
Mr Blobby: A prominent cllr from Dukinfield has liken you to a Nazi, what do say to that?
Mr West: "well, These are words to hide their concern that local folk in Dukinfield are taking notice of what is being said by the bnp."
Mr Blobby: But, Surely Nazism is not part of your campaign in Dukinfield?
Mr Wesr: "Certainly not, If this was the case then I would not be getting this level of support."
Mr Blobby: Your leaflets have been well received in the area then?
Mr West: "Yes, Because the leaflets explain the reality In Labour Britain, communities lost in fear of crime, the NHS in a bad
Mr Blobby: "I think that I have got enough for now Mr West, Thank you.
Mr West: Thank you."

Anonymous said...

this type of headline is out of order it implies that all aslyum seekers are bombers.

ncb1970 said...

Most asylum seekers are NOT bombers.

However, almost all of them have come through 15-20 safe countries to get to 'soft touch Britain'.

Under International Law they are supposed to seek refuge in

Is Britain the nearest safe country to Pakistan,Iran,Iraq,Somalia etc?

You work it out Einstein.