Tuesday, 14 August 2007

New regional cohesion tsar

Oldham Council’s deputy chief executive will help to introduce the borough’s successful community cohesion initiatives across the region. Mike Chambers will take up a new role at the Government Office North West to lead the implementation of Local Area Agreements (LAAs).The LAA pilot in Oldham has been so successful that the government want to introduce the concept at local authorities throughout the North-West.The 18-month secondment starts in September and Mike will be based at Ivory Tower, Manchester.Mike said: “I am delighted to have been offered this role which is a great opportunity for me to share Oldham’s successes with a wider audience.

Mike Chambers, as well as being a traitor, was also heavily involved in the postal voting fiasco in 2004. This was undoubtedly the darkest period in terms of democracy. Anyone who remembers the 2004 postal voting ‘experiment’ will understand where I am coming from.http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/3763457.stm


Anonymous said...

All i can say on this, is God help us.

tonydj said...

"Ivory Tower"!!??
Is this it's real name or are you having a joke TC?

It's sad when even I can't tell truth fron fiction!

ncb1970 said...

Cohesion in Oldham ? HA ha ha . Oldham is as divided as ever. Take a trip around Glodwick and see for yourself.

ncb1970 said...

If Mike Chambers has been so successful in Oldham, how come white people still can't walk through Glodwick after dark without risking life and limb ?

ncb1970 said...

Mr Chambers must live in an Ivory Tower. He should try living near Glodwick for five minutes before he tells people how successful his initiatives have been.

Anonymous said...

Ex Para

I will bet you anything that Mike Chambers lives as far away from 'diverse' communities as possible. I would guess at Saddleworth or Diggle, you know - a 99.9% white area, similar to the kind of place that other 'diversity tsar' and bullshit merchant Billy Bragg lives.

Have a go hero said...

I wander lonely as a cloud, trying to get my point across, now we have the cohesion brigade heading for Tameside. It's a shame that there's no Muslims or non-whites on Tameside Council. Not much to work with there then.

ROY OLDHAM said...

I am looking up, I am looking down but I still can't see any Muslims on Tameside council.

west roy kevin said...

I belong to the new Nationalism.

Anonymous said...

It seems that roy west is indeed bringing the new Nationalism to Dukinfield. He is getting alot of encouragement from locals that are fed up of yob-culture violence, and their lazy Labour councillors doing hardly anything to address their concerns.

Anonymous said...

Ex Para

It is good to see that Roy West is being well received in Duki. I think he will be elected next year.

ncb1970 said...

Who will be elected in Dukinfield next year ?

Hey TC this should be a question at the start of the blog!

mr blobby interviews said...

Mr Blobby has been asked to interview mr west on a few important points.
Mr Blobby: Mr West, it has been suggested that you have been avoiding some questions directed at yourself by certain elected councillors.
Mr West: I am not willing to discuss these questions because they are of a personal nature which have very little foundation or fact
Mr Blobby: OK then Mr West, on the issue of representation, if you ever found yourself in a council seat, would you put representation for every section of the Dukinfield community at the top of your agenda?
Mr West: If I understand this question correctly, you are actually hinting that would I represent non-whites and non-Christians? Well this is, of course, yes. I do not have any problem with this.
Mr Blobby: Mr West, you refer to this new nationalism. What are you exactly referring to when you say this?
Mr West: Well to me, the new nationalism consists of the following: it goes beyond the old ways of nationalism, of bigotry and creating racial conflict by marching in the street. I do not belong to the old school of nationalism.
Mr Blobby: We hope to find out more in the future about your politics. Would it be possible to ask you further questions in the future Mr West?
Mr West: Certainly
Mr Blobby: Thank you Mr West
Mr West: And thank you Mr Blobby.

Anonymous said...

Community cohesion in Oldham? This has got to be a sick joke-Communities in Oldham are more divided than ever. Cohesion- complete bullshit. Oldham is the worst example you can claim for cohesion. Oldham is racially divided do not pretend anything else it is an insult to the people of Oldham.

the wag said...

give me lots of cohesion.