Thursday, 9 August 2007

Mum threatened and car stolen - Droylsden

A mum has been threatened and had her car stolen by three men in Droylsden. Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident near Red Cot Day Nursery on Fairfield Avenue on Thursday 5 July 2007.At about 5.15pm the 34-year-old woman parked up her blue Ford Fiesta in the yard to the side of the nursery to pick up her child. As she started to walk towards the nursery entrance she was confronted by a man who demanded her car keys.The woman refused and the man pushed her against the wall and threatened her.Two other men then joined the first offender and told the victim to hand her keys over, which she did.All three offenders then got into the car and drove off. The victim was not hurt during the incident but has been left extremely shaken. The main offender is described as white with olive skin, about 19-years-old, 6ft, of medium athletic build. He has short brown hair, brown eyes and was wearing dark trainers, black tracksuit bottoms and a khaki green zip up tracksuit top.


Tameside Citizen said...

"The main offender is described as white with olive skin"

This is an Orwellian 'news speak' term normally used to describe Southern/Eastern Europeans.

ajaz ali said...

The offender could be John Taylor. He looks very brown.

Anonymous said...

Whatever the offender is they they should kick the shit out of him.

ncb1970 said...

These days, the authorities classify all sorts of immigrant rubbish as 'white' - including recently arrived, dark skinned, Muslims from Albania.
It's getting like America where Hispanics are classified in the crime statistics as 'white', so that it appears that whites commit as much crime as blacks.
"Statistics are like a bikini, what they reveal is interesting but what they hide is fascinating"
Winston Churchill.

key-stone-cops said...

What have the police got to go on?

the prophet mohammed said...

Olive skin . So basically they should be rounding up everybody with a tan. Peace be upon me.