Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Matchstalk cats and dogs

Watching the sad video of the demolition of Queen Mill reminded me of the great L.S. Lowry. Lowry of course lived on Stalybridge Road in Tameside and a fine statue of him sat on a bench can be found at the junction of Stalybridge Rd and the A57.


west kevin roy. said...

All the more reason to vote British National Party.

Anonymous said...

Ex Para

What a great song and video.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know lowry lived in tameside. his paintings were ace

west roy. said...

I bought this record when i was a young boy.

mr blobby said...

Mr Blobby interviews Roy West.
"Mr West, what do you expect to achieve with this constant campaign of leafleting in the immediate area of Dukinfield?"
Roy West: "My aim is to bring politics to the local people, addressing matters that concern them most, to build up enthusiasm for local politics."
Mr Blobby: "You seem to be very erratic Mr West in your campaign."
Roy West answers: "Not at all, my aim is basically to encourage political debate and discussion within the important areas of local politics."
Mr Blobby: "Are you not slightly overdoing it?"
Roy West answers: "No, not at all. We must show this intense enthusiasm in order to attract attention and publicity."
Mr Blobby: "What kind of publicity are you looking for Mr West?
Roy West: "As I said earlier in this interview, I am looking for an open and frank debate on the issues concerning local people in Dukinfield.
Mr Blobby: "Thank you for this short interview Mr West"
Roy West: "Thank you Mr Blobby"

mr blobby said...

Mr Blobby: Mr West, "can you put forward a reasonable argument for this New Nationalism that you are advertising?"
Mr West: well, "Iam not advertising anything, but instead putting forward a point of view. New Nationalism can recognize that non-whites can also be concerned about mass immigration-and vote bnp."
Mr Blobby: "So, you are saying that non-whites can vote bnp?"
Mr West: "well, yes and they do it's a free country."
Mr Blobby: "Then surely one could hardly say that you are a racist?"
Mr West: "No, nationalist."
Mr Blobby: "It's been a pleasure mr west."
Mr West: "Thank you"

the real spp said...