Friday, 17 August 2007

Man is charged over grave plaques

A man has appeared in court after more than 400 bronze memorial plaques were stolen from a crematorium. The plaques, which are valued at more than £146,400, were stolen from Dukinfield Crematorium in Tameside in Greater Manchester. Paul William Herrick, 41, of Rydal Walk, Stalybridge, has been accused of theft. He appeared before Tameside magistrates on Thursday and was remanded in custody to reappear on 22 August. Herrick was arrested at his home on August 13 following a spate of thefts between August 10 and 13. A Greater Mancheste Police spokeswoman said: "Police are currently working closely with the crematorium to try to notify as many people as possible. "If anybody finds a plaque of their loved one has been stolen, a book has been placed at the crematorium for people to leave contact details, so police can follow up reports." Tameside council has pledged to replace the memorial plaques at an estimated cost of £150,000.

Well done Tameside council - money well spent in my opinion. Tameside Citizen


west roy kevin. said...

Nothing will happen to those responsible for this vile crime. The scum will walk free from court with a community order.

Anonymous said...

They should be horse whipped. They wouldn't rush to re-offend again!

ajaz ali said...

Chop the bastards' hands off.

david heyes mp said...

NO! This man is a victim of society. His mummy didn't love him. He should be treated with sympathy and understanding.

bnp voter said...

How about an extremely long prison sentence?

Mr Bobby said...

Mr Blobby: Mr West, I believe that you have a personal interest in this matter?
Mr West: yes, my partner has two memorial plaques one for her father and sister.
Mr Blobby: This must be very upsetting for your partner?
Mr West: Of course, We need to make sure that this can never happen again. Stronger punishmemnt is needed.
Mr Blobby: Does your partner need support in this traumatic time?
Mr West: She has support in her family and in her faith.
Mr Blobby: Thank you Mr West.
Mr West: ok.

Anonymous said...

I say lets melt down the Roy Oldham 18 bronze plaques going across Tameside at a cost nearly £60k. Then there is only a £90k cost to the tax payer.

Bronze must be the metal of choice for Tameside Council at the moment.

Lets hope they don't add insult to injury by writing the memorial in Comic Sans Serif.

Mr BLOBBY said...

Mr Blobby: Talks openly to Mr West about his politics.
Mr Blobby: Your attempts to bring politics to local people in Dukinfield is bringing some concern from Labour cllrs in Dukinfield?
Mr West: "yes, Indeed lots of worry from those cllrs that are calling someone a Nazi with - out knowing anything about me."
Mr Blobby: Thank you Mr West.
Mr West: ok.

justice said...

Looking on Taylor's website about this mattter, he seems to be inviting people to take the law into their own hands.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree, is Taylor encouraging vigilantism? Ah this must be partly because since Labour came into power 10 years ago, we now have 210 less police officers which have been replaced with innefective "traffic wardens".

So whilst you pay for the police with your council tax, don't expect them to help you. Expect your friendly neighbourhood watch to fight the crime for you.

I used to live near Taylor and we had a problem with little shits drinking and swearing on street corners. We started a neighbourhood watch group which the police helped us to set up, not that they actually came when we needed them, but did Taylor show up when invited? No he didn't.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I should clarify, we have 210 less police officers in Greater Manchester.

John Taylor said...

I dont think you can get much lower than this sort of crime the person who did this will find it very hard to live around here once people find out who he is ,the scum of the earth and I want to remove his testicles right now .