Thursday, 2 August 2007

Is this a job the Labour or BNP clean up teams would consider doing?

Mum’s plea for a cleaner walkway
A MUM is demanding Tameside Council clean up a squalid underpass which she has to walk through to take her three-year-old son to nursery. Catherine Woodcock and son, Harry, have to use the tunnel, in between Ash Street and Lumb Lane in Audenshaw, to make their daily journey to and from Ryecroft Nursery. But the 40-year-old has slammed the underpass as ‘disgusting’ and says she is sick of negotiating her way through a sea of litter, glass and leaking sewage.Catherine, of nearby Linden Avenue, said: "To get to the nursery, myself and many of my friends have to use the underpass and it’s just disgusting. "There’s dog dirt all over, glass and recently someone decided to set fire to loads of paper. There’s a temporary sewage pipe and someone pulled the fence down so that leaked everywhere too. "Weekends seem to be the worst when all the kids go there, drinking and messing about, to shelter from the rain." United Utilities is currently repairing sewage works on the site, but Catherine said the area has not been tidied for months. "I have picked Harry up to walk through it before but it’s like a balancing act trying to avoid the sewage," she added. "We’ve put up with this for months and I just wish they would clean it up."
A council spokesperson said: "Maintenance of the underpass can be problematic as it does attract a lot of litter and rubbish. "Arrangements have now been made to clean the area up and United Utilities isbeing contacted about the sewage pipe to ensure that any necessary repairs are carried as soon as possible."


ncb1970 said...

I thought Tameside MBC were an 'excellent council' .
Why hasn't the council cleared up this underpass?
If the Labour Party refuses to do the job then the BNP will do it.

Anonymous said...


mr blobby said...

Mr Blobby: Mr West, I believe that you have taken part in a clean up in your area?
Mr West: "I am always picking up litter in my area, people just throw their rubbish on the street."
Mr Blobby: What are the council doing about this litter in your area?
Mr West: "It's a poor attempt to deal with the litter problem."
Mr Blobby: We have seen the photographs of this litter in your area, have you sent them to your local councillor?
Mr West: "yes"
Mr Blobby: Have you had a reply concerning these photographs?
Mr blobby: Thank you Mr West.
Mr West: Ok.

boz scaggs said...

Is this a picture of Joel,Friedman & Locorriere after a night on the town clearing out their flat? After such illustrious careers in music, it's a great shame to see them having to resort to bin diving.