Friday, 20 July 2007

Woman raped by intruder as children slept in next room

A woman who was raped at knifepoint by a hooded intruder spoke yesterday of her relief that her two young children, asleep in the next bedroom, did not hear her cries for help.
The 40-year-old personal assistant recalled how her attacker burst into her home in Mossley, Greater Manchester late at night, overpowered her and forced her upstairs where he sexually assaulted her.
The woman, who believed she was going to be killed, said: “I am just glad my two children did not wake up. It would have been so much worse if they had seen their mummy being attacked. The effects on a child can be far worse. I had been screaming to try to get the children to use the phone upstairs. Fortunately, in hindsight, they did not hear me.”
During a struggle for the attacker’s knife, the woman was able to bite his thumb leaving a bloody wound. Her ordeal began just after 10pm on Friday, July 6, when she opened her back door expecting a neighbour, only to find a man disguised in a hooded jacket and armed with a kitchen knife. Her daughters, aged 9 and 6, were asleep upstairs.
Her attacker is described as white, in his 30s, of slender build with a scruffy, unshaven face. Greater Manchester Police advised women to take extra precautions when answering their door to strangers.
Detective Inspector Mike Mangan, of Tameside CID, said: “Whoever carried out this sickening attack will have a prominent bite mark on his hand. In self-defence she bit him hard somewhere on his thumb and this would have left an obvious mark, although it would have faded by now. He may have returned home looking flustered and with blood on his hands.”


Tameside Citizen said...

Man, 34, charged over rape attack
A 34-year-old man has been charged with rape after a woman from Greater Manchester was attacked inside her home.
The woman, who is in her 40s and comes from Mossley, was raped on the evening of 6 July while her children were asleep in their beds.

Craig Stephen Henry, of Cherry Tree Walk, Mossley, has been charged over the attack.

He is due to appear at Tameside Magistrates' Court on Monday.

Anonymous said...

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