Friday, 27 July 2007

New Labour stealth tax gets the go-ahead.

C-charge gets go-ahead
COUNCIL leaders voted today to bring congestion charging to Greater Manchester - and the M.E.N. can reveal there are major changes to the original plans.Anti-charging protesters greeted the bosses of the 10 district councils as they arrived in Dukinfield, Tameside.And Manchester council leader Sir Richard Leese, who was chairing the meeting, was booed by the small crowd as he stepped off a bus outside the front door.But the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA) took only 45 minutes to give congestion charging the go-ahead by eight votes to two, with Stockport and Trafford the only opponents.Officials will now work round the clock over the weekend to compile a bid to the government for £3bn of public transport improvements.The bid must be in by Tuesday and the improvements must be in place before road pricing is introduced in about five years.


tonydj said...

It is a known fact that prior to the introduction of the London congestion charge traffic lights were altered to induce congestion. Even 'Friends of the Earth' admit this, but with glib excuses!

We are being forced to pay for what we have already paid for!

tonydj said...

while we are discussing scams, let us consider the new Tameside decriminalised parking.

This means that if you get done for parking the COUNCIL get the cash not the police or courts.

BUT it's not the parking offender who gets screwed IT'S THE CAR OWNER WHO MAY WELL BE INNOCENT.

Proof that its CASH not JUSTICE the council want!

I tried to raise this at the Hyde District Assembly on Monday 30th July but the chairman refused to allow it!

Now what do the local Labour Party tell us? "We fought WW2 for freedom and democracy but the BNP will take it off us."

That's assuming there will be any freedom left before very long.

Anonymous said...

"Now what do the local Labour Party tell us? "We fought WW2 for freedom and democracy but the BNP will take it off us."

The Labour Party are the greatest threat to this countries freedom and traditions since the Norman invasion of 1066. Everything they do is designed to make us weaker as a nation and more subservient to their rule. If Britain is to survive as a cohesive nation state these criminals must be ousted from office and hopefully stand trial for the damage they have done to our country and people.