Tuesday, 31 July 2007

BNP members comments would be interesting!

Ex-BNP man jailed over chemicals
A former British National Party (BNP) candidate who stored a collection of explosive chemicals at his home has been jailed for two-and-a-half years. Robert Cottage, 49, of Talbot Street, in Colne, Lancashire, had pleaded guilty to possessing the chemicals. Police found the stockpile at his home, which he had been hoarding in anticipation of a civil war. Cottage was cleared after two trials at Manchester Crown Court of conspiracy to cause explosions. He has already served more than 10 months in jail and is likely to be free within six months. His barrister, Alistair Webster QC, said his client accepted he had bought the chemicals but said they would only be used to create "thunder flash" style bangers to scare off intruders. Sentencing Cottage, Mrs Justice Swift said Cottage's actions had been "criminal and potentially dangerous". She added there was a low risk of him committing further offences. "I am satisfied it was Cottage's views on how he put it 'the evils of uncontrolled immigration' would lead to civil war which would be imminent and inevitable.
"I accept the intention was to hold these chemicals until the outbreak of civil unrest. That was a criminal and potentially dangerous act. "In letting off any such thunder flash mistakenly believing you were under threat you may have caused injury to some innocent person."
Robert Cottage failed to be elected as a BNP candidate in three local elections.
A second man, dentist David Jackson, 62, was also charged with conspiracy to cause explosions but was cleared after the jury twice failed to reach verdicts.


tonydj said...

He was stitched up! His wife, who has 'learning difficulties' was 'persuaded' to give evidence.. She claimed the BNP was responcible for the marrage breakdown, in fact they met through the party and SHE hoped to get married at the RWB (Red White and Blue family festival) a couple of years ago!

Note, he was not found guilty by a jury, he copped a plea.

NEVER NEVER NEVER say anything to the police if arrested except "No Comment...I want a lawyer" Better a night in the cells than 30 months in Strangeways

Anonymous said...

Hes innocent like all the other failed BNP candidates who are in jail he just wanted to meddle in chemistry

The Green Arrow said...

This sad person needs help not imprisonment. He is no more a terrorist then I am.

The people responsible for his illness are the multiculturalists who have destroyed Our Country and screwed up his life and wasted taxpayers money. They are the ones who should be in jail.

nigel byrne said...

Robert Cottage's intention was to defend himself in the event of civil unrest, which seems increasingly likely to those living near Muslim communities.(I bet the Judge in this case lives well away from such communities).

Anonymous said...

Yes and people on Jubilee Avenue in Dukinfield live well away from the Muslims also.

Tameside Citizen said...

According to Sky News "During a swoop, police discovered 21 types of chemicals which, when mixed together, could have formed explosives". The million $$$$ question is what were these chemicals, were they household chemicals such as bleach, weed killer and Fairy liquid, or were they something more sinister?

Roy the Greek said...

Tony Blair is a war criminal.Bring our boys home.